Feb 3, 2015

Little Heartbreaker Footprint Craft

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"He's going to be a little heartbreaker!" "What a heartbreaker!" "He's sure going to break some hearts!" I can't tell you how many times I have heard these phrases in relation to my handsome little men. While I hope that they will in fact be perfect little gentlemen, I imagine that they will break a couple hearts here and there as they grow. This Valentine's Day season, we have had some fun playing with the concept of "little heartbreakers". Have you seen our Bubble Wrap Heart Breaking post? So, I thought a fun "little heartbreaker" footprint craft was in order! 

We have made countless heart footprints. It is our go to for birthdays and occasions for loved ones. It was both Kingston AND Bentley's very first print craft, so we are pros. I inked B's foot with red ink and printed it on white cardstock tilted slightly, then I did the other one and printed it in the opposite direction. Using a purple marker, I drew a heart around it and then made a zig zag through the heart to "break it". It was a fun take on our typical heart footprints!

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