Feb 4, 2015

Lovebug Fingerprint Craft

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We've made it pretty clear that we LOVE print crafts. But would you believe that some people don't? One of the reasons I've heard is that it is "product" art and that kids don't have the ability to use their creativity during it. I love process art, but I also like product art. Especially when the product is an adorable keepsake that I get to cherish forever. This particular print art though, DID allow Kingston to showcase his creativity a bit. If your child is even older than him, they could certainly put even more thought and detail into it!

I gave Kingston a piece of white cardstock and various Valentine's colored inks. I let him choose, print his finger, and make little "lovebugs" all over the paper. While he worked, we talked about the various bugs that he could make. He was excited to try caterpillars and to vary the amount of body segments and whether to use his finger or thumb. 

When he was done, I used permanents markers to make the lovebug details. Heart wings and other heart accents made the bugs extra cute! If your child is older, they can do all of these details themselves. 

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