Feb 24, 2015

Taste Safe Baby Cereal Fingerpaint

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Now that Bentley is getting bigger, I am having so much fun trying to things with him and doing different activities. In the past, I have used regular non-toxic washable fingerpaint with little ones. K wasn't a mouther, so normal fingerpaint wasn't a problem. I'm not sure if B is or not, but I thought it would be fun to come up with a taste-safe fingerprint recipe for him to use during his first painting experience!

In our house, we do not feed the kiddos infant cereal. It is void of anything nutritious, and we don't believe it is a good option for a first food. However, it IS taste safe and inexpensive. Therefore, it makes a really fun base for painting and sensory projects! To make our taste safe baby cereal, we used Earths Best Organic Rice Cereal and a tiny bit of food coloring (we used the gel kind because it is more pigmented, so you can use less!)   

Prepare your rice cereal using water. You want to make sure that the consistency is more on the thin side. Add your food coloring a tiny bit at a time until the color is to your liking. You can offer the fingerpaint in a bowl or simply dab a bit on a piece of white cardstock taped down in front of them. 

Bentley was immediately intrigued when I set it down in front of him. I helped him dip his fingers in and smear it on the paper. Then I scooped a bit up with a spoon and dabbed it on the paper. He explored it by pushing it around the paper. The cereal adds texture to the paint, so this also doubled as a sensory experience for him. 

This fingerpaint dries incredibly well! Most food based fingerpaints do not dry well or will eventually go bad. This one is long lasting, and can be saved with the rest of your kids artwork! 

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