Mar 9, 2015

Calming Lavender Snow Play

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The blog world has EXPLODED recently with people touting essential oils. Essential oils usage has become super trendy and it seems like this is misinformation everywhere I turn. Essential oils are POWERFUL. Misuse of EO's can lead to injury and even death. Before you start "dabbling" in essential oils, please do some research. If you have young kids (especially babies) the amount of essential oils you can use on and around them is incredibly limited. My absolute favorite informed website that I recommend to start your research is Learning About EOs. They have a fabulous section based on child safe oils and give recommendations as to what to stay away from and direct ages! 

I have seen a lot of kids activities that utilize essential oils, so it is important to know what is safe and to always use oils sparingly with your little ones ESPECIALLY during play! One of our favorite kid-safe essential oils is lavender. We use it for everything from nighttime calming, bathtime, in our cloth diaper safe wipe spray, cleaning, and more! Our favorite lavender is Edens Garden Lavender 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. We love Eden's Garden as they are not a multi-level marketing company and do not mark up their essential oils to ridiculous prices! As are ALL essential oils on the market, they are therapeutic grade. I speak from experience when I say they carry quality oils! 

We have had an incredibly snowy Winter this year and we have been bringing the snow in to play quite a bit. Recently we explored some penguins in our snow play! For this snow play, I wanted to explore some calming essential oil play. I set out a bucket of snow and then gave Kingston a squirt bottle filled with purple water created with blue and purple Fizzy Tub Color Tablets and two drops of Lavender Essential Oil . You want to be careful if with lavender to not use to much! 1-2 drops of oil is plenty. 

I gave K the spray bottle as well as a bowl and a Potato Masher. The potato masher was for some added stress relief! Smashing that snow is totally fun and calming. Kingston went right too it spraying the purple scented water all over the snow. The purple water scented the snow and spread its calming smell all over the sensory bin. The pretty purple color looked great on the snow. 

Using the spray bottle was an excellent fine motor workout. The way Kingston had to place his fingers to work the trigger was great for building fine motor strength. He used the potato masher to squish the snow and move it around the bin. He sprayed the purple snow and then mashed it all up and mixed it in. This was a perfect pre-naptime sensory activity!

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