Mar 16, 2015

Dot Marker Clovers

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Do you own Do A Dot Art Markers yet? These are our favorite easy painting supply! K loves breaking these out to make vibrant dot pictures or do some themed do a dot printables. They encourage the use of fine motor skills and double as a great pre-writing activity! We used our dot markers to make some simple St. Patrick's Day inspired clovers.

Before we started, I talked with K about clovers. We chatted about regular three leaf clovers and the rare "lucky" four leaf clovers! I modeled how to make a four leaf clover using the dot marker, and then I let him make his own. 

He was really focused trying to keep the dot leaves close together to form clovers. After several tries, he got it! His clovers got better and better. When he was done making his clovers, he got distracted making a mess with his dot marker. Does this happen with your kiddos? I swear every time we use these he gets a kick out of dotting his hands and fingers! 

Just look at that mischievous look on his face! Little monkey.

He was incredibly proud of himself! "I dotted my hands Mama!"

After I wrestled the dot marker away from the little rascal, we got out a green crayon to make stems for the clovers. Kingston has been working on making lines lately, so this was the perfect activity. Together we made the clover stems. I think the final product came out really cute! They are abstract clovers for sure, but I think he did a really good job. 

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