Mar 6, 2015

Painting Rainbows with Combs

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! I am super excited about this fun rainbow themed activity. Kingston won't stop talking about it! Every time I ask him what he wants to do now, he responds with, "Paint rainbows with combs". Since it made such a big impact on his little toddler self, I'm incredibly excited to share it with you!

To prepare for the activity, I poured lines of washable paint in rainbow order onto a paper plate. I gave the plate to K with a baby comb. The comb we used was the Safety 1st Easy Grip Comb. This was so perfect for this activity because there is a solid spot in the middle that made it easy for toddler fingers to grasp. It also helped cut down on the mess and mixing of colors before they hit the paper! 

I showed him how to dip the comb so it touched each of the colors. Then, he dragged the comb along the paper in arches. The effect was beautiful! As he created, we talked about the different colors of the rainbow. 

I love the colorful and abstract effect that resulted from painting with the comb. This held Kingston's attention for quite awhile. He used several different pieces of paper to create rainbows. This is the perfect simple fine motor project to brighten up bare walls! 

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  1. Neat way to paint! Never thought to use a comb before!

  2. Such a lovely way to make rainbow art!