Mar 5, 2015

Penguin Small World with Snow

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The snowfall has been CRAZY and record breaking this Winter in our area. We have been bombarded by snow, snow, and more snow. By default, this has caused us to be inside much more than we would like to be. (For the record, we've gotten about 7 ft. of snow, so I wouldn't even know where to begin taking K and B out in it!) Instead of bundling up and facing the frigid Arctic that has become our yard, it has been super easy to open the side door and fill our sensory bin up with snow! We have been doing this multiple times a week, and the options are endless. 

We have been reading a lot of Usborne's How Big is a Million? about an adorable little penguin name Pipkin and his big questions about the world around him. While we don't own a million of anything (a shocker over at this house!), I thought that incorporating a math conversation with this sensory bin based off the book would be something K would love!

Using his Wild Republic Penguin Polybag and a few other little penguin friends we've collected along the way, we made a fun small world within seconds. He couldn't wait to dive in! After his initial dig into the snow, we counted all of the penguins. He pretended that one of the little one's was Pipkin, and had him meet the different penguins along the way. We discussed how there were only a small amount of penguins, but that the amount of individual snowflakes in the bin were much much bigger, possibly even a million!

After we discussed some math concepts, Kingston engaged in some general pretend play with the penguins. He made hills for each one to slide down and tunnels for the penguins to play in. He had them interact with each other and built them snow forts and snowballs to throw. He literally interacted with this simple bin until all of the snow was melted! 

There are so many ways to play with snow indoors when it is too cold to play inside. Give your little one their favorite pair of mittens and have it! 

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