Mar 15, 2015

Rainbow Handprint Craft

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Simple print crafts are a favorite over here! In the past, we have made some slightly more complicated rainbow print crafts, but after our Painting Rainbows with Combs activity we did recently, we had leftover paint to use! So, this easy print craft was born! 

To make this simple print, squeeze washable fingerpaint in lines of rainbow order on a piece of paper or paper plate. For smaller hands, you are going to want to make the lines much closer together. Because we were using leftover paint from our project (the best kind because we hate wasting!), I printed my hand first. Then I printed all subsequent little hands afterwards. Seriously, try printing an infants hand with six colors of fingerpaint... it's quite the fete!

It's okay if the line aren't even, in fact it looks better that way. As long as you can see the idea of a rainbow, you are golden! 

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