Mar 18, 2015

The Cat In The Hat Footprint Craft

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March is the birth month of Dr. Seuss! As one of the children's book GREATS, he deserves a lot of celebration. This fun Cat in the Hat Footprint Craft is a simple way to make keepsake memories in honor of this great American writer! 

To make these footprints, you will need a piece of white cardstock , red washable fingerpaint , and black washable fingerpaint. Using a paintbrush, paint red stripes spaced out along your child's foot. Then paint their toes black. Print their feet on the paper and let dry. 

After our footprints dried, we printed out little Cat in the Hat faces and glued them on the bottom! This is optional of course. The hats look pretty cute on their own. Don't forget to read The Cat in the Hat to your little one before and after you make this print craft! 

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