Jun 29, 2015

Bear Sees Colors Color Hunt

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We love Karma Wilson over here! She is fabulous. One of our favorite series of hers is the "Bear" series! For our Book Club Play Date this month, we read the book Bear Sees Colors and engaged in a fun gross motor color hunt outside. 

I grabbed a basket, and filled it with some of the primary colored pieces from our Green Toys My First Stacker. In the story, Bear sees red, blue, yellow, and green. Then bear sees brown: himself! So I chose the according stacker pieces and bought Kingston's very own brown bear out with us, Mr. Cuddle Wuddles. (I can't make this stuff up.)

I "hid" the stacker pieces and bear, then  I handed Kingston the basket. We started at the top of the driveway, and I asked Kingston if he remembered what color bear spied first. Then he searched all around the yard for the colored disks. 

He was incredibly engaged in finding the pieces and pointing out the colors. This is a great activity (AND book) for brushing up on colors, but for an older child who is already fluent in their colors, it is fabulous for making them aware of the colors that are present in the world around them. K quickly became very aware of which colors were present in the nature around our yard, and enjoyed pointing out and discussing them. 

K was SO excited to spy something brown. He ran right to Mr. Cuddle Wuddles and snatched him up laughing. He thought it was great that bear was outside hanging out on our color hunt!

After we completed the color hunt, K wanted to do it again (a surefire way to know that the planned activity was a success!) I hid the disks several more times!

There are so many different ways to switch up this activity too! For sibling play, you can have older children hide the colors for the younger kiddos. You could also focus on just one color and find all sorts of items of the same color all over the yard. For a true challenge, you could hide multiple objects of different colors and have your little one sort them into different baskets!

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Stay tuned for next month's Book Club Play Date! We will be reading Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea  

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  1. My kids would LOVE this idea!

  2. Ok. First, awesome activity for little ones! Second, your kiddo is a rockstar!! What a cutie pie!!