Jul 31, 2015

Gross Motor Color Mixing (Pop! Squirt! Splash! Book Launch)

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We are SO excited to introduce our newest book: Pop! Squirt! Splash!: Hands-On Activities for Kids Using Soap, Water, & Bubbles. Our latest and greatest is a collaboration 11 other fantastic kids activity bloggers, and it is perfect for the summer! Using 3 simple ingredients: water, soap, and bubbles, there are enough activities in this book to keep your littles busy all season. 

You certainly need this book, and just in case you needed a little more convincing, here is a sneak peek at one of the fabulous activities included inside! Gross Motor Color Mixing! 

For this activity, you will need two clear receptacles, water, bath color tabs and a cup. Fill each receptacle (we used glass bowls!) with water. Decide which color you would like your little one to learn how to mix and drop the appropriate tabs in each. I chose to do blue+yellow=green! I dyed one bowl blue and one bowl yellow, and then I set them up about 6 feet apart.

I encouraged Kingston to take a scoop of water from the blue bowl, and carefully walk it over to the yellow and pour it in. Then we observed what color he had created! When he was done with the initial color transfer, I sent him back to the first bowl to scoop up more. Then I called out an action that Kingston had to do in order to get the next cup of water to the bowl. For example, I told him to "walk sideways". He completed the action, then dumped the water into the bowl.

I continued to call out gross motor movements: spin, run, walk backwards, skip, crawl etc. He did each one, and had to try not to spill any water! He had so much fun, and challenged me to come up with more and more actions to finish off the bowl of water. His final observation: I made GREEN Mama!!" 

If you love this activity, you can find this and tons more awesomeness inside Pop! Squirt! Splash!: Hands-On Activities for Kids Using Soap, Water, & Bubbles. You can find more sneak peek activities here:

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Pop! Squirt! Splash! is now available in Ebook, Kindle, and Print

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