Jul 3, 2015

'Merica Sticker Resist Print Craft

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It wouldn't be a holiday around here without our requisite print crafts would it? My boys have these adorable shirts from Little Cotton Top Apparel (you can find them on IG - @littlecottontopapparel) that say "'Merica" and they were the inspiration behind this adorable keepsake craft! Check out how cute they are!

Side note: HOW BIG IS BENTLEY NOW?!?! 10 months of adorable sweet lovebug! Can you believe it? I sure can't! This year has FLOWN.

To make our 4th of July keepsake, I gave each of the boys some white cardstock. I used foam letter stickers to spell out 'Merica on the cardstock. The letters we used had glitter on them, and provided a fantastic sensorial component to our project. Bentley had fun feeling each one, while Kingston read each letter aloud to us. (I DID explain to Kingston that America is actually spelled with an A in place of the apostrophe, and that this was just for fun. Because who doesn't like trendy sayings like, 'Merica?!) 

I provided each boy with a patriotic shade of washable paint  and they used their hands to spread the paint all over the paper. I put extra on Bentley's so that he could get the paint in the little crevices around the letters. I was so proud of him for not eating it. (B is my mouthing child. Everything is food to him!) 

When their paintings were dry, I used child safe ink in the opposite patriotic color to ink their hands and have them press them onto the paper. I love the end result! They both had a blast making it. This is the perfect last minute keepsake craft! 

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