Sep 22, 2015

Books About Squirrels for Preschoolers

This month for our homeschool preschool Animal Science unit, we are studying squirrels! Squirrels are an amazing animal to investigate with your preschooler if you live in North America, because they are a common backyard staple. We see squirrels every time we look out the window, 3 seasons out of the year here. Interested in learning more about these cute woodland animals with your little one? These books are here to help introduce squirrels in both a fun and informational way!

Nuts to You! Squirrels and Their Nests (Animal Homes) - This informational text on squirrels is perfect for preschoolers (and even younger!) With just a sentence or two on each page, this book takes your child through the process of a squirrel building it's nest while also introducing them to the animal itself. The pictures are adorable too!

Squirrels & Chipmunks (Rookie Read-About Science) - We were able to pick up this great non-fiction squirrel book at our local library, and it is a great read for the preschool crowd. My 3 year old was riveted by the simple text and great pictures throughout. Though we were just focusing on learning about the squirrel, it was fun to also be able to learn about the chipmunk and compare the two!

The Secret Life of Squirrels this silly story by Nancy Rose will have you hooked on squirrels in no time! The story takes you through the daily life of Mr. Peanuts, a highly unusual squirrel! With real life pictures of this adorable squirrel doing funny things, like grilling hot dogs, there is no way that you can't become a squirrel fan.

Nuts to You! is a classic Fall book by Lois Ehlert! This squirrel is certainly curious, and enters a little boys apartment building. You won't want to miss the fun antics that ensue while learning about the squirrel and surrounding nature!

Earl the Squirrel is a fantastic book by Don Freeman, the author of Corduroy. This squirrel book is a fantastic one for also introducing certain character traits. In this tale, Earl's mother wants him to find his own acorns. It teaches both determination and responsibility as Earl embarks on a journey to gather them himself!

A Squirrel's Story: A True Tale - This fantastic story by Jana Bommersbach may be a little long for some preschoolers, but it is a great read!! Your little one will absorb all kinds of awesome facts about squirrels while learning an underlying lesson of courage. Plus, you can't beat the included curriculum guide! Even parents of younger learners can benefit. This is a squirrel tale that will grow with your child!

One More Acorn - If you loved the tale of Earl the Squirrel, you will LOVE this one too! In the sequel to the first one, Earl is off again on another adventure. A great story to tie into learning about Washington D.C. too!

Squirrels (Backyard Animals) - Another great in depth look at squirrels! 

The Busy Little Squirrel is a great read for younger preschoolers and toddlers. It is a board book following Squirrel as he prepares for Winter! The illustrations are lovely, and the charming story will captivate young readers.

Scaredy Squirrel - If you have a little one, chances are you've already heard of Scaredy Squirrel! There are tons of books in this adorable series that follow Scaredy Squirrel as he tries to break out of his same routine and discover the world. The original title in sure to please little ones and get a few laughs!

I See A Squirrel (In My Backyard) - Another age appropriate non-fiction text about squirrels! Perfect to take with you on the go while you observe squirrels in their natural habitats.

Those Darn Squirrels! by Adam Rubin is a funny tale about a squirrel-hating, bird-loving man who changes his tune! My three year old got a kick out of this book, and yours will too. It is a super cute story about some mischievous squirrels. There are several other "Those Darn Squirrels!" stories!

Erroll - This is certainly the SILLIEST squirrel book out there! We LOVED it! A story about a boy who finds a squirrel in his snack, it is a great book to kick off your squirrel unit and get the kiddos laughing! My son especially loved that he ate tons and tons of peanut butter sandwiches, because so does he!

Ol' Mama Squirrel - I am in LOVE with this squirrel book! I have a soft spot for fierce Mama squirrel, as she will do anything to protect her babies. This adorable tale is certainly more for the entertainment factor than educational, but it will not disappoint!

Rabbits, Squirrels and Chipmunks: Take-Along Guide - We really love these Take-Along Guides, and have been slowly collecting them as we come across them. The Rabbits, Squirrels, and Chipmunks guide is phenomenal! Your little one will learn how to identify the different types of animals, and learn all kinds of other awesome facts. There are also projects and activities at the back of each one. These are perfect for homeschool units and to build your science library.

A Squirrel's Tale by Richard Fowler is an interactive fine motor book from Usborne books. There is a detachable cardboard squirrel that your little one moves from page to page as the story progresses. Not only is this book chock-ful of fine motor practice, but the story itself is great! 

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