Oct 28, 2015

My 3 Favorite Things About Nutrisystem

Welcome to another week of Nutrisystem fun! This week I want to talk about my 3 favorite things about the Nutrisystem plan. There is so much to love about being part of NSNation!

1) I am never hungry.

This is 100% true. I am never hungry on this plan. Before I started Nutrisystem, I was skipping meals throughout the day and then binging at night after the kids went to bed because I was SO hungry. Or I wouldn't eat a stable meal the whole day, but graze on junk food like chocolate. With Nutrisystem, I take the time to make myself meals 3 times a day. I take the time to prepare satisfying snacks for myself 3 times a day. The key here is that I am taking time for ME. I preparing healthy and satisfying meals throughout the day, and it allows me to never feel hungry or deprived. I never have to stand at the refrigerator or stare into the cabinet looking for something to eat. I know what I can eat and when I can eat it. So I do! I finish each meal with a full belly, and I go to sleep with a full belly. It's wonderful!

2) I don't have cravings. 

Now it would be crazy to say that I've NEVER had a craving to eat something when I see friends and family indulging, but for the most part, I don't have cravings regularly, With Nutrisystem, I am eating all of the things that I used to binge on. They are regularly incorporated into my day. If we really look at the plan, I could eat chocolate THREE times a day if I really wanted to. I could choose a Double Chocolate Muffin for breakfast, a Chocolate Graham Bar for lunch, and a Chocolate Cupcake for dessert. I could honestly eat my weight in chocolate with NS. (I don't! But I could, and it is that option that completely curbs my sweet tooth!) Having the option to eat things daily that I crave makes me not want to stray for the plan. Now not everyone has a sweet tooth, but NS has that covered too. They truly have something for every snacker with their "desserts". Both savory and sweet flavor profiles are covered in that category, and you have the ability to enjoy a treat every day!

3) The weight loss is consistent!

This is the most important thing that I love about Nutrisystem! The weight loss is consistent. If you are eating the foods, drinking your water, eating your veggies, and following the plan, the weight comes off. It really does. And it is EASY. Stepping on the scale and seeing a significant loss every week is SO motivating. It allows you to see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how much weight you have to lose. When I followed Nutrisystem back in college, the weight loss was consistent then too. It is the type of program that stands the test of time because it just WORKS. Nutrisystem is always revamping and improving their foods and programs. They are constantly changing and progressing to meet the needs of their customers. I know that if I stick to NS and follow the plan, I will reach my goal. I know this because it is a proven program. The proof is in the constant smaller numbers I see every week when I get on the scale. If you have tried everything else, and still are not able to lose, I truly suggest trying Nutrisystem! It is worth every penny!

My Results:
Week 1 : -12.8
Week 2: +1
Week 3: -2 
Week 4 : -2 
Week 5 : -3.8
Week 6 : +2 
Week 7: - 3.4
Week 8:  -3.4 
Week 9: ?

Total Lost : ?

As for this week, I have NO results! Why? Because we are currently in DISNEY WORLD!! Wish me luck. I'm hoping that the constant walking and go go go of WDW will help me keep the vacation weight gain at bay! I plan on enjoying and indulging, and getting back to business the second I come back. I am super interested to see what my weight is next week. The goal is to not gain!

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Disclosure: I have received the Nutrisystem program in exchange for blogging about my weight loss journey.

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