Nov 18, 2015

5 Awesome New Children's Books

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Reading is the backbone of our homeschool day. We start and end each day with a stack of book, and read a few in between too! We are always on the lookout for new and exciting books. These 5 fantastic new books from Penguin Young Readers, are great additions to your library!

The Thing About Yetis by Vin Vogel is too cute for words!! My preschooler has suddenly taken a liking to Yeti's after a recent trip to Disney World's Animal Kingdom park, and this book was the perfect friendly way to introduce him to the lore of the Yeti. He loves the pictures, and adorable yetis within. 

From Penguin: "Unlike the scary yetis of lore, Vogel's yetis are loveable, fluffy white fur-balls that truly adore winter. They love snowball fights, hot chocolate, sledding, and building snow castles. But even yetis get the shivers, and even yetis get the blustery winter blues. So here's the secret about yetis: Sometimes they miss summer, just like everyone else. Sometimes they have to bring a little bit of summer to the coldest of winter days by creating their own summer vacation. Those yetis, they're just full of surprises!" 

Don't miss out on this silly, unique book for your kids!

Happy! by Pharrell Williams is the perfect book for your cheerful kiddo. If you enjoy Pharell's song by the same name, then you will NOT be disappointed. While this isn't an actual story with a plot, the song lyrics on each page tell a story of their own. Paired with amazing real-life photos of super stylish kiddos, it is very upbeat and vibrant. My children love reading books that have real photographs on the pages especially of kids like them, so they were excited to discuss what the kids in each picture were doing. You will have your little one on their feet dancing when you read ... or SING!.. this book to them!

Max and Marla by Alexandra Boiger is ADORABLE! Honestly. I was immediately taken with this book by the beautiful illustrations. The story itself is a triumphant tale of friendship and perseverance. My 3 year old's favorite part? The little boy Max has bright orange hair under that helmet, just like HIM! He was a character that he could certainly relate to. My 1 year old's favorite part? Well Marla of course! Who can resist an adorable Olympian owl?

From Penguin: "Max and his pet owl Marla are best friends, teammates, and hopeful Olympians who are ready for victory. With their helmets, goggles, and sled, they set off for sledding success -- that is until they hit some bumps in the road. Rusty blades, strong winds, and a sudden cold may get in the way, but Max and Marla are determined. Tomorrow is always another day, and these two firm friends will keep turning obstacles into victory. Destined to melt your heart, Max and Marla shows that true joy is not found in winning, but in friendship."

Bea in the Nutcracker by Rachel Isadora is an adorable preschool take on The Nutcracker ballet. When my son first saw this book, I could tell that he was judging it by its cover. He has no interest in ballet, but once I started reading it he was drawn into the world of Bea and Sam and the parts they are playing in their class production of the Nutcracker. This book really breaks down the story of The Nutcracker in the simplest of ways so that preschoolers can truly grasp the concept. I think this book would be the PERFECT precursor to taking your child to see the ballet. I certainly won't be bringing my kiddos to a production of The Nutcracker without our copy of Bea in the Nutcracker along for the ride! 

The Nonsense Show by Eric Carle was an instant hit in this house! This book by the world famous author and illustrator, Eric Carle is sure to quickly become a classic. We are big fans of all of his work, and Kingston can recite most of his Brown Bear Brown Bear series of books! This silly tale had him in fits of laughter. The imagery and wordplays within will engage both you and your little one alike. The illustrations are colorful, funny, and classic Carle with a twist! Your preschooler is going to love this book!

From Penguin: "This whimsical homage to surrealism combines wordplay and visual jokes to offer young readers something playful, something silly, and something downright preposterous on every spread." 

Make sure you check out all of these fabulous new titles for your little ones! A special thank you to Penguin books for providing us with these books to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated!

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