Nov 26, 2015

Celebrating Thanksgiving Nutrisystem Style

Gobble Gobble and Happy Turkey Day!!! Dieting on Thanksgiving is certainly not ideal, but there are ways for you to indulge while still staying healthy this holiday season.

The Low-Down

The ideal Thanksgiving meal has a very healthy bird as its center staple. The turkey that you will be eating today is actually fantastic for you! It is full of lean protein. Load up on turkey breast (no skin! Leave those giant legs for your family members who are not on plan!), non-starchy vegetables like salad, peas, green beans, and broccoli, and try to keep your portions of carbs minimal. Say no to stuffing, mashed potato casserole, and manicotti! This may be the most difficult part, but there are still plenty of other items you can load your plate with. 

As for desserts, let's face it, none of them are fantastic for you. But, a slice of pumpkin pie is a smart indulgence, just don't eat the crust!! You can feel very satisfied just by indulging in the pie filling! 

Don't forget to drink your water! On days when you will be eating off plan, make sure to try to get as much water in as possible. 

Nutrisystem makes two Thanksgiving type options if you truly want to stay entirely on plan: the Turkey Medallions and Turkey and Stuffing. 

My Results

Week 1 : -12.8
Week 2: +1
Week 3: -2 
Week 4 : -2 
Week 5 : -3.8
Week 6 : +2 
Week 7: - 3.4
Week 8:  -3.4 
Week 9: In Disney - no weigh in
Week 10: +12
Week 11: -9 
Week 12: -1.5
Week 13: -2.6

I am now officially down to where I was before Disney!! Hoping my slight indulgences over the Thanksgiving holiday do not set me back at all! 

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Disclosure: I have received the Nutrisystem program in exchange for blogging about my weight loss journey.

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