Nov 24, 2015

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

It's almost Turkey Day, and this craft is the perfect last minute activity to keep your little one busy before the big meal! Not only does it make an adorable decoration, but it requires lots of preschool friendly skills like painting, pasting, cutting, folding, and tracing. 

To make your paper plate turkey, you will need: 

Brown washable paint
Red, Orange, and Yellow Construction Paper
2 Large Googly Eyes
Glue Stick
Roller Paint Brush
Pre-School Training Scissors

I provided Kingston with a paper plate, brown washable paint, and a roller brush. He covered the plate in brown paint as we talked about the texture of a turkey's feathers. He tried recreating the same texture with his roller brush.

While the paper plate dried, K took a try at tracing his hand onto construction paper. This was a fantastic pre-writing activity, and he traced several times before he was able to get a decent looking handprint. We traced his hand on red, orange, and yellow paper to make the turkey's feathers.

Once those were all cut out, Kingston set to work cutting out the turkey's legs. Straight lines are much more his speed right now, so this was a fun activity for him. When he had cut two legs, I showed him how to fold them accordion style. Then he tried his hand at it! I freehanded some feet, and K pasted them onto the bottom of the legs. Then I provided him with the face pieces for his turkey, and he worked on pasting them on. He pasted the legs on, and then the turkey feathers. 

The end result was an adorable and festive turkey that looks perfect hanging on our homeschool wall! 

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