Dec 4, 2015

Kid-Made Yeti Ornament

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The Christmas season is in full swing over at House of Burke right now! We have been crafting and decorating constantly to make sure the house is super festive. Some of the very best decorations are those that are made entirely by your little ones. Kingston is at an age where he can do projects independently, and produce some adorable results. This year, we are excited to join the annual 10 Days of Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments blog hop from Mama Miss! The theme is Book-Inspired Christmas Ornaments, and we couldn't be more happy about that. 

K is obsessed with yetis all of a sudden. He thinks they are super cool! We received the book The Thing About Yetis from Penguin Young Readers (find our review HERE), and Kingston loves it! A yeti ornament based off of the book was the perfect choice for an adorable addition to his little Christmas tree in his room. 

Materials needed: 

The Thing About Yetis book

A small piece of white faux fur (tip: try to get a piece that doesn't shed a ridiculous amount!)

Kids Safety Scissors

Googly Eyes

1 Pink Pom Pom

A pink (or red) marker

White Ribbon


This ornament was 100% kid made, and easy enough for even a young preschooler to make! Kingston cut the faux fur square I gave him into an oval. Then he glued the googly eyes and pom pom nose on, and made a mouth with the pink marker. The only thing I had to help with was poking the hole and tying the ribbon on! K was very happy with how his ornament turned out, and proud to put it on his tree. 

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  1. We'll definitely check out this Yeti book! And my kids will love that they can make the ornament all by themselves ;)

  2. You chose a great book and your book inspired Yeti ornament is super cute. I bet the kids love the way it feels,