Jun 13, 2017

Sand Castle Invitation to Create

This week as part of the Alphabet Island theme in our Mother Goose Time curriculum, we are focusing on the topic At the Beach. The days for this topic are broken up into: Crab, Sand Castles, Shells, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen. Today we studied sand castles. The boys love building sand castles (who doesn't?!), so they were excited to dive into the activities.

We started the morning off by reading The Sand Castle Contest by Robert Munsch. The kids really liked it, and as we were sitting down to start our project, they were excitedly discussing what they would like to build out of sand if they could. One of the really fun things about Mother Goose Time is that they include separate cards for certain activities. You can find all of the activities for the month in your Teacher Guide, but the separate cards have pictures, extra details, and are extra portable!

Not only was I shown what my set up could look like, but I was also provided almost all of the materials for the invitation to create! All we needed to have on hand was paint, glue, and scissors.

The presentation of materials for an invitation to play or crate is so important! When the boys saw all of the materials in one place with the inspiration picture in the background, they were excited and ready. I gave them each a piece of background paper, a piece of sand paper, a piece of blue cellophane, some sand, scissors, and glue. Then I watched their imaginations take off! 

Bentley immediately started cutting the paper into big tower shaped chunks, while Kingston started cutting smaller intricate pieces out. As they worked, I asked them the prompts that are provided with the activity and we discussed the different possibilities. 

What rooms do you think are in the castle?
What kind of castle are you building?
Do you want to cut shapes from the sand sheet? 
How will you use the cellophane in your design? 
Where will you put the sand?

Both were in agreement that the cellophane "water" should go in the background of the picture and that they should glue the sane along the bottom. Bentley decided that he also wanted some texture on the castle itself, and Kingston wanted to put some flecks of cellophane on the castle like windows. 

I noticed that Kingston was very interested in trying recreate the inspiration picture, while Bentley seemed to be working more from an image in his head! They were both incredibly engaged, and I was impressed with their work. Bentley recently started cutting shapes with scissors, so watching him try to freehand shapes without frustration was really exciting. Perfectionist Kingston also seemed pleased with the shapes he cut out. Their finished products were wonderful! I love that you can clearly see the distinction between the replication done by the 2 year old and the one done by the 4 year old, but that they both took the time to execute their ideas to the very best of their abilities! 

If you loved this activity from Mother Goose Time, stay tuned for more! We will be blogging about our adventures with MGT all summer long! 

I receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. All opinions/thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.

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