Jun 28, 2017

Simple Surfboard Craft

This months theme from Mother Goose Time, Alphabet Island, has been such a fabulous summertime theme to explore! We have learned about everything from boats, the beach, island exploration, and more. This week, we explored Island Fun. Our days were broken up into: Luau, Island Dancing, Surfing, Island Music, and Sunset. With the excitement of movies like Moana that have recently come out, this was really perfect! My kids really enjoyed every aspect of this week, but this fun surfboard craft was a simple and fun winner. 

Mother Goose Time does a great job with their Invitations to Create, and this one was no exception! I set out the inspiration card, a gorgeous picture of colorful surfboards, various paints, paint brushes, surfboards, and also some washi tape. This was an extra addition that I added at the request of the boys! They wanted to make some of the lines that they saw on the different boards in the inspiration photo. 

They got right to work making colorful surfboards to resemble what they saw in the photo. As they painted, I asked them some of the prompts from the Teachers Guide. I love how Mother Goose Time helps to guide you in asking appropriate and valuable questions to help get your kids thinking creatively. 

We talked about what color surfboard they would like to ride if they could choose. They were both pretty set on using every color available and as much as they possibly could! We talked about what symbols they wanted on their surfboards. Bentley drew all kinds of pictures that he quickly covered up with more paint and more pictures! Kingston was more methodical in his painting. When they were finished, they had so much paint on their boards that they would never dry. So instead of waiting for hours, we flipped them over and pressed them into the paper towels they were using underneath. This created a really neat textured design on them that the boys really enjoyed!

When they were dry, the boys got to work putting their washi tape on, They each chose a different color and design of tape. I like that this added a fine motor element to the craft! It also helped really make it their own since their color combinations ended up being very similar.

The boys were very happy with their finished products! Bentley held his the entire time that Kingston read us the suggested book of the day, A Fish Out of Water. (72 pages and pretty impressive for a 4 year old if I do say so myself!!) 


I receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. All opinions/thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.

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