Jun 5, 2017

We're BACK!!!

Hi friends!

Have you missed us?! I can't even believe it's been over a year since I last blogged. What used to be second nature to me, now seems so very foreign! So, what have we been up to and why did I disappear. Well... the answer to that is both simple and complicated. I was overloaded. When I opened my shop in March of 2015 and branched out into the world of small shop handmade clothing, I never imagined that it would take off like it has. House of Burke has grown to be something I am incredibly proud of, and also something that takes a LOT of time and effort, a full time job if you will. My family was suffering, my blog was suffering, and I was staying up incredibly late trying to accomplish things. So, something had to give. House of Burke (the blog) was put on the back burner to attempt to gain some sort of sanity. But now we are back! And we have a lot of exciting things to share. The last time you saw us, we looked like this:

And now, we have grown in a BIG WAY!!! Meet Scarlett!

It really doesn't get sweeter than this girl!! She arrived last July and is 10 months old now! What a 10 months it has been. She is such a smart, sweet, funny little girl. Her personality is just wonderful! We couldn't have asked for a better baby. Her brothers adore her, and we can't get enough. Kingston and her both sport the same shade of ginger hair, and they have a super special bond! Speaking of the boys, Kingston is now 4 (will be 5 in a few months!), and Bentley is 2 (almost 3 in a couple of months!) 

We are actively homeschooling - Kingston is currently working his way through 1st grade and Bentley has just started preschool (I will post about our different curriculums in future posts!). 

We also welcomed 14 other members to our family recently - our CHICKENS!! I will be introducing them and doing some chicken related posts soon. 

I am excited to be back sharing about our lives! Stay tuned to see what we have in store. 

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