Jul 7, 2017

Easy Campfire Snack for Kids

This month, our Mother Goose Time theme is CAMPING! This is so exciting for us, because we love camping. Not only that, but we have a camping trip planned for right after this theme ends. It couldn't be more perfect. This week, we explored At The Campsite. The topics for this week were awesome! So much so, that we may try to extend this week a little bit. This week's topics were: Backpack, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Campfire, and Guitar.

One of our favorite activities that we did this week was this easy campfire snack for kids!! My favorite part is that it pretty required zero parental involvement to create. I love cooking with my kids in the kitchen, but I love that MGT provided a recipe that the kiddos could execute on their own. 

Like any good recipe, this one was flexible! We used what we had on hand (which was slim pickings) and improvised. The recipe called for pretzel rods and pretzel sticks, but since we didn't have those, we used Veggie Sticks. My kids are OBSESSED with these (especially the ranch ones), and I have to admit paired with the cream cheese and the other elements of the recipe like the cheese cubes (we used mozzarella pearls) and the lunchmeat (ham!), they were delicious!

The boys were excited to get started. Don't let Bentley's stinky face fool you, he was psyched! I provided them with some child-safe plastic knives, plates, an placed the food in between them. We followed the durable recipe card that was provided by Mother Goose Time. I love that we can save and collect these cards every month and have a bunch of easy to follow, kid-friendly recipes at our fingertips. 

In the Teacher's Guide, each activity has a "Discuss", "Explore", "Play" section. For this activity, they suggested we discuss "What foods can you cook over a campfire?" The boys yelled out simultaneously, "marshmallows"! We have been roasting a lot of marshmallows lately, so I knew they would be quick to say that. We brainstormed several other ideas: hotdogs, corn on the cob, fish, and mac and cheese. (Macaroni and cheese is something we personally make over a campfire when we go camping!) 

The boys got to work building their campfires. They used the cream cheese as glue and went from there. I made a few suggestions and showed them some pictures of a campfire, but mostly I just let them have at it and create what they imagined a campfire would look like. I love that this was not only a recipe, but a STEM activity! When they were satisfied with their fires, we set to work making our items to roast. The boys pushed a mozzarella pearl onto their veggie stick. Then they cut the ham into pieces and I helped them roll and attach the pretend hot dog to the veggie stick. 

The kids started roasting their pretend marshmallows and hot dogs right away. They loved it! Not only was it cute, but it was delicious. While the kids ate, I read them the suggested story for the day, We love Little Critter, so it was perfect!

This was such a hit! I can't wait to try some of Mother Goose Time's  recipes for kids. 


I receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. All opinions/thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.

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