Aug 31, 2017

Recycled Paper Activity for Preschoolers

Making homemade paper is something I've always wanted to try. So much so, that last year I asked my husband, a contractor by trade, to keep his eyes open for any old screens he came across. I've been holding onto these for awhile now, so when I saw that Mother Goose Time had paper making for the Create activity for Recycle day, I was all over it! 

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It was a beautiful day, so I took Bentley out on the deck and set out our materials. Making paper is so simple, that your preschooler can pretty much do the entire project from start to finish solo. I set out a bowl of water, some beautiful multi-colored paper, and a screen (you could also use a strainer). 

I first had Bentley look at the Inspiration Photo that Mother Goose Time provided for this activity. I asked him one of the prompt questions in the Teacher Guide: "What do you notice about the paper in the photo?" He told me that there were different colored flecks in it, but that he wanted his paper to be more colorful. I followed his lead, and we just used the provided paper and didn't add any extra white paper. 

Benny got to work ripping up all of the paper! This was quite a fine motor workout, so I helped him rip some too. As he ripped, he put the pieces into the bowl of water. Every so often, he would swirl the paper or push it down to submerge it fully. We talked about the way the paper felt before and after he put it in the water. 

He made the observation that the paper was "getting mushy" and that it seemed to be "melting". As the water broke down the paper, I let him reach his hand in and explore it. He squeezed the wet paper together and watched as it disintegrated beneath his fingers. 

He was really happy with the color combination, and kept remarking at "how beautiful" it was all together. Something was missing for him though, and after looking around for a minute, he told me that his paper "needed some nature"! He crumbled up a leaf and added that in. 

Once we had mushed the paper up really well and were satisfied with the texture, Bentley poured the mixture into the screen. (You could also use a blender depending on how you want your homemade paper to look). 

Bentley gentle pressed and squeezed all of the water out of the paper scraps, and we worked together to push the mixture into a flattened, organic shape. We were in love with the colors. Once all of the water had drained from the screen, we set the paper out in the sun to dry! We had so much fun recycling and repurposing the paper. 


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