Aug 3, 2017

Word Fishing

My kids are fish whisperers. They have had a rod in their hands since they could walk. My husband takes them fishing constantly, and it's one of their things. Going fishing with daddy is the ultimate bonding experience, and they always come home with wonderful stories of the fish they caught and the animals they saw at the lake/river/pond etc. When I saw that their was a Fishing subtopic in my Mother Goose Time Teacher's Guide for our Camping theme, I knew they were just going to love it! 

Their favorite activity of Day 19, was Word Fishing. Two year old Bentley is still working on letter recognition, while four year old Kingston actually reads at about a third grade reading level. To make it more interesting for K, I let him help Bentley identify the letters and read the words. When I let him take on a "teacher" role, it seems to keep him more interested in something that typically would be way below his level. 

For this game, we used our pocket dice (such an amazing tool that comes with your Mother Goose Time curriculum). The letters for the pocket dice were provided. The kids had to roll their dice and put the letter they rolled onto the provided fish mat. Then they would read the word and find the word match in the "river". It was suggested that you use a blanket to simulate a river, but we just pretended our table was the river!

This particular game focused on the -et family, however I can totally see recreating these mats and doing this activity with many different word families. The boys both really enjoyed finding the matches. Bentley loves puzzles and matching things, so he was actually able to retain the letter better by focusing on it as a part of a whole. He did a great job quickly finding matching! 

After we had rolled quite a few times, we did the "Challenge" as suggested in the Teacher's Guide: "Encourage the child to use each word in a sentence." The boys made up some adorable sentences using their words. 

Kingston: "I had to get some bait to put on my fishing rod so I could go fishing."
Bentley: "Me let my fish go back into the river."

When we were done playing, Bentley decided to do the fish puzzle. There was an adorable activity to go with it in the Teacher's Guide, but he just wanted to do it outright. He loves puzzles, so the fact that every Mother Goose Time monthly box comes with a new puzzle is a total bonus. 


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