Sep 26, 2017

Experience God Curriculum

We have been blogging about our journey with Mother Goose Time  for the past few months now. If you have been following along for those past months, I'm sure it is pretty clear just how amazing this curriculum is. But, there are so many more facets to MGT than we have covered. They have so many other amazing programs available such as the Experience Play Toy Box, the Dance N' Beats program, the Experience Baby program, the More Math and Literacy program, and the program that we are going to be talking about today: the Experience God program!

Each month to go with the MGT theme, there is also a correlating theme for the Experience God program. The Experience God program is Mother Goose Time's optional Christian add on program. This can be used to turn your preschool from a secular preschool to a full Christian program or as a stand alone Sunday school program.

We have found our way back to the Lord over here at House of Burke, so this was something I was really excited about. My children do not have much experience yet with learning about God or talking about Jesus. However, this year in our homeschool, we have added some bible stories and this awesome program.

We have recently started working our way through The Jesus Storybook Bible, which is a gorgeous children's bible told in a story format. Honestly, it leaves us hanging on the edge of our seat most days! Since I have been learning right alongside the kids, this bible paired with the Experience God curriculum has been amazing for me as well! We have been reading one story each morning before we start school (the bible can be found in our morning basket - blog post to follow shortly!) and it has been the perfect way to start our day. I would recommend this book to all Christian families or those who are seeking to learn more about Jesus and Christianity!

For September, the theme is God Cares About My Body. The bible story focuses on the miracles of Jesus. The featured bible verse is: "I praise you God, I am wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14". This program is full of amazing activities that TRULY help your little one connect with and build their relationship with God. Each month includes a Teacher's Guide full of meaningful activities, bible verse cards and posters, and four different crafts for your little one to do that focus on the theme. We are using ours as a Sunday school curriculum. Each Sunday, the boys and their little cousin have been working their way through the program! So far we have loved it! 

Stay tuned to see some of the activities we have been up to! 

As a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador, I receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. All opinions/thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.

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