Sep 29, 2017

God Cares About My Body

As I discussed in my last post, my children are new to learning about God and the Bible. We recently started an amazing one hour Sunday school class courtesy of Mother Goose Time's Experience God curriculum. Everything you need to teach a successful class (or incorporate it into your preschool curriculum), is right at your finger tips. When working with three kids under five on a topic you are not very familiar with, the ease of this program was very much needed! 

We look forward to Sunday every week, because it's the only time during the week that we typically see all of our family. Since my nephew would be joining us, it made sense for us to decide on the one hour long Sunday school class over the other option of incorporating it into our daily homeschool curriculum. However, Mother Goose Time has both options mapped out in Teacher's Guide to accommodate all schedules! I set everything up for the boys down in my sister's basement, and we got right to it! 

Today we were focusing on "How does Jesus heal the sick?" We started by having the boys sit down with the included coloring page. While they colored, I showed them the included poster and had them point out Jesus. I love how kids always seem to just know, even if they have never really been introduced to Him! Then I read them the Story Card about Jesus healing the sick woman. They were very interested in what I was reading and listened intently. 

When they had finished their coloring pages, we had them do the Wrap Up the Pain activity. Using a roll of toilet paper, the boys took turns bandaging each other's "wounds". The toilet paper symbolized Jesus' love, and as they wrapped each other's arms, they discussed how they were healing each other through Jesus. 

The next activity we did taught about faith. Faith is a newer concept to my kids, and I LOVED how MGT tackled it. Using three bowls and a ball, I explained to them that the ball represented God. Then I put the bowl under one of the bowls and moved them all around. I asked them if the ball was still in there. Kingston said, "Yes of course it is!" Then I went on to ask him how he knew. He said "Because you put it in the bowl and didn't take it out, so it has to be there!" (Of course, he also knew exactly which bowl the ball was in, because he's Kingston haha!) I told them that God works the same way. Even though we can't see Him in the room with us, we know he is there. Faith is knowing that God is there even if we can't see Him. We talked about different family members and how we know they are there even if they live far away or we can't see them. By the time we were done with our discussion, they both really grasped the concept! 

The last activity we did was a craft: First Aid Kit for the Soul. The kids worked their fine motor skills by cutting out the words: prayer, love, and faith. Then they took the provided briefcase silhouette and decorated it. Bentley colored it and put his words inside. Kingston was very thoughtful about his drawings. He chose to make hearts for love, crosses for prayer, and birds for faith just like what was represented on the cards. Then he put his words inside. The idea behind the craft was that these were the things we needed to heal our soul: faith, love, and prayer. 

We ended the class by saying a prayer together! It was a great first Sunday school class, and I was blown away by how well MGT tackled the subject matter. There was actually one or two activities that we didn't end up doing included in this lesson too! The kids are looking forward to their next class, and it changed the entire mood of the boys for the day. 

As a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador, I receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. All opinions/thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.

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