Sep 11, 2017

Human Body Activities for Preschoolers

We are studying the human body for the next 2 months in our homeschool, so when I saw that this month's Mother Goose Time theme was My Amazing Body, I was beyond psyched. We pretty much study the human body every year over here because my kids just LOVE it. It's fascinating! It's also one of those broad topics that you can easily adapt for multiple age ranges. I have anatomy books for toddlers all the way up to adults over here!

Now that my little nephew is 2, we are including him in our MGT learning. Each week, he will come over to join us for fun preschool activities. This week was our first week having him, and we were so excited. I picked a handful of amazing activities from this week's lesson plan and we got down to business! 

The first activity we did, was the small group literacy activity: Find the Eyebrow. Using the theme poster and the I Spy Glasses, we looked for various body parts. The boys had fun finding different parts on the people in the poster, and also talking about the colors that they saw. 

The next activity we did was Counting Legs from day 4. Using play dough and the hands on cards provided for us, the boys took turns making 1 leg and then 2 legs and counting them. We asked the boys to touch and squeeze the play dough and then to touch their legs. Then we asked how does the play dough and your leg muscles feel, and how can you stretch them both? The boys had fun creating their play dough legs! 

Next we did a tabletop math activity from day 2: Tangram Body. Using the Shape Design Mats provided and the tangrams (also provided as one of the manipulatives this month!!), the boys completed their bodies. Bentley LOVED this activity. He is all about puzzles, so he loved it. He was really choosy about what colors his people's clothing would be!

The last activity we did was also from day 2: My Puppet. Using all of the materials provided by MGT, the boys made their very own paper bag puppets. This activity was such a hit! The boys chose the colors they wanted for their clothing, their hair color, and their specific sticker eyes. They had so much fun putting them together! 

Bentley was really proud of his finished puppet! (The boys have played with these puppets every single day since we made them!!) 

The last thing we did to wrap up our day was to sing one of the songs on the Circle Time Cd - Stop and Go Legs. It was to the tune of "Row Your Boat" and was about the different parts of the legs. My nephew was a huge fan of this song, and we sang it several times. It was the perfect way to wrap up that days' lessons! 


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