Sep 5, 2017

K-2 Science Curriculum Using The Curious Kid's Science Book

Science is our favorite subject over here! If you ask my kids what they like best, that pretty much always wins out. I love planning epic science unit studies for the kids that are adapted for both of their levels. This year, I wasn't quite ready to jump into purchasing a science curriculum for our homeschool. I felt like a lot of curriculum I looked at had either a lot of things we had already done or didn't focus on enough topics throughout the year. Instead of risking purchasing a curriculum I didn't love, I turned to my absolute favorite science book for kids: The Curious Kid's Science Book by Asia Citro

Asia Citro, author, blogger over at Fun At Home With Kids and owner of The Innovation Press (a seriously amazing publishing company), really knows whats up when it comes to kids, science, and exploring science WITH kids! This book is the perfect spine for a gentle science curriculum for kindergarten through second grade. It is a definite must have on every homeschool mom's bookshelf! 

The chapters are broken up into: 

Plants and Seeds
Water and Ice
Mold, Bacteria, and Fungus
Food and Candy
Baking Soda and Vinegar
Environmental Science
Living Things

Each of these chapters can be the equivalent to monthly science topics. A trip to the library each month for related books paired with the amazing experiments in this book, are the perfect gentle k-2 science curriculum! There is even a master materials list, so you can gather everything you need to be prepared for the entire year. Could it be anymore perfect?! 

Each experiment has an educational blurb, a "Make Your Guess" section which poses a question that will help your child understand formulating a hypothesis, a "Things To Consider When Running Your Experiment" section, data questions to focus on, and a real life application section. Some of the experiments even have extension activities included for even more fun if your child is really interested in exploring further. 

This book isn't just another science experiment book for kids. It's SO much more! The experiments in this book are thoughtful. They are beneficial. They are incredibly educational, and they will make your little think and understand the scientific process. It encourages them to dig deeper and explore further! The Curious Kid's Science Book belongs on every parent and educators shelf. As a homeschool mom, I know we will be using it for years to come!

Buy a copy for your shelf by clicking the link below!

And while you're at it, check out some of our other favorite books by Asia Citro. You certainly won't be disappointed!

We received a copy of The Curious Kid's Science Book: 100+ Creative Hands On Activities for Ages 4-8 in exchange for our honest and unbiased opinion. All thoughts and opinions are our own!


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