Oct 11, 2017

The Girl Who Thought in Pictures Book Review

This year we are focusing on a new scientist each month as part of a living science curriculum I've put together! This Amazing Scientists series by Julia Finley Mosca and published by the Innovation Press has been an awesome addition to that! This book: The Girl Who Thought In Pictures The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin has been such a fascinating read. 

These biographies are both engaging and factual for young children! The pictures are exquisite and the story is told in a flowing rhyme scheme that will have your kiddos listening intently. The story of Dr. Temple Grandin is fascinating. As a leading voice in animal science, my children found her story fascinating. They are huge animal lovers, so they truly enjoyed all of the details of her discoveries. 

Dr. Temple Grandin is such a strong, admirable female scientist. Being on the Autism spectrum, she has had to overcome many obstacles throughout her life. My children really enjoyed reading her encouraging story of perseverance. Her story is extra inspiring for families with children on the spectrum!

Dr. Temple Grandin's work was primarily with farm animals. This book would be an amazing addition to any farm unit study! I love incorporating relevant biographies with our units because it helps to make the study or science behind the topic more real to them.

Grab a copy of this book and the others in the series today, and make sure to check out all of the other books available by The Innovation Press!

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