Dec 13, 2017

My Little Preschool Box Review

I couldn't be more excited about today's featured review. As a homeschool mama, sometimes preschool tends to fall between the cracks. When Kingston was preschool aged, that was all that I focused on. We did lived and breather preschool! But now that Bentley is preschool aged, I find myself not focusing as much on doing separate preschool aged activities. He mostly spends his time following along with group activities or engaging in educational play. So, when I met the owner of My Little Preschool Box, I immediately fell in love with the concept, the methods behind it, and the fact that it is fully put together from start to finish by a local (to me) work at home mama of two littles. She has an education background and has worked extensively with preschool curriculum. We have tried preschool subscription boxes in the past, but My Little Preschool Box is so much more our speed!

Check out what came in the box that we were given to review (this is the January box - there are only TWO MORE DAYS to order this box!!! )

When you place your first order for the My Little Preschool Box, your receive that months themes along with the Starter Box. Inside the Starter Box you will receive a binder with inserts for each of the monthly themes, markers, crayons, a magic eraser, dry erase marker, and a watercolor set. Inside your binder you will receive some personalized and laminated sheets with your child's name on it, the entire laminated alphabet for them to practice tracing, laminated shape sheets for them to practice tracing, and laminated counting mats. You also received an entire rubric and assessment chart that shows you how to track your child's progress throughout the year, as well as sheets for you to do so. Your initial starter box retails for $45 and all subsequent boxes are $30 a month. My favorite part? There are no contracts, nothing that you are locked into. You simply order your box that month if you want to. If you don't, that's fine too. It's a pay as you go plan!

Here are some of the laminated sheets included inside. The name sheet is personalized with first name on the front and last name on the back! The magic eraser included in the Starter Box allows for super simple cleanup of your laminated sheets. 

Inside the binder, the themes are separated by clear inserts. Each month, you will receive the themes that you then tuck inside them. The themes for the January box are: Happy New Year, Polar Animals, Arctic Animals, and two weeks of Space! 

The weeks are broken up into daily activities. One activity per day is SO doable with a preschooler, and helps to make it engaging, but not overwhelming. Each week is broken down into music, math, art, literacy, and science. Each weeks also includes an amazing colorful suggested book list. These are such an amazing and thoughtful addition to the box. It makes it so easy to pop onto your libraries website and order books for each week or for the month as a whole. For this first theme, there was an informational sheet about New Years, a calendar to decorate, a math activity using fireworks and the counting mats included in the Starter Box, a 2018 tracing activity, and 2018 To Do List activity which is so fun for exploring the concept of resolutions with your little ones!

Week 2, Arctic, was chock full of information and activities. This week the kids will learn about blubber. There is a blubber information sheet included and a really fun science experiment. Every single thing needed is included inside this box! For the science project, there was a cold pack and a mitten included. For Math, an amazing felt fish activity with fishing pole was included. The art for the week is a Paper Plate Snow Globe craft. I can't stress enough how amazing it is to have everything prepped and included inside! 

Polar Animal week was the one that had Bentley most excited when we were going through (although honestly he wanted to do the entire box upon first sight!) It included a polar matching activity, a polar animal math activity with polar animal stickers, a polar bear mask craft, and a letter "A" hunt. Also included was a gorgeous Polar Animals Word Mat. These resources are so beautiful. I plan on laminating the word mat and hanging it up in our school room!

Bentley LOVES space, so we were more than excited when we saw that the January box had not one but TWO space weeks included. For this first week of space, your kiddo will be introduced the solar system. They will color a planet Earth, work on some star math, trace B's, and make a Model Magic Moon (how cute is that little flag that's included?)

For the final week of January, we will get into more space fun! Included in this week is a Space Shuttle Fact Sheet, a B is for Black sheet with ripped paper, a space art activity with watercolors, and a space memory game! 

(Below is a look at some of the shape sheets and counting sheets!)

Bentley has been absolutely loving doing his tracing sheets! The look of pride after he completes one is amazing. 

As we work our way through the box, he is constantly asking "Just one more activity? PLEASE!!!" You really can't get much better than that. This curriculum has him engaged, learning, and most of all having FUN!

Typically each month you have until the 20th to order your box, but this month due to the holidays the deadline to order your box is the 15th. That means you have 2 MORE DAYS to place your order! This month they have a special deal going on - order one box as a gift or a refer a friend and get 50% off your next box!

My Little Preschool Box can be found on Facebook and Instagram, and orders can be placed via Facebook. This box is the gift that keeps on giving! Supporting this company means supporting a TRUE family owned operation, and I can't think of anything better. 

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