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I'm Blayne! The creator and writer behind House of Burke. I am a 25 year old SAHM to the sweetest little redheaded toddler munchkin Kingston, and wife to Todd, my high school sweetheart. I have a Bachelors in Elementary Education and English, but gained most of my experience working as an infant-kindergarten teacher for 7 years in a childcare center. 

But don't let me fool you. K is the real brains behind the operation around here! He is constantly challenging me to come up with new and exciting learning experiences, activities, and arts and crafts. We do a little bit of everything around here, and as he grows and we add to our family, so will this blog! 

Being mommy is my number one priority and passion. My little guy is my everything and he teaches me way more every day then I could ever teach him. Other than taking care of my kiddo, I have a serious passion for reading, arts and crafts (especially sewing and knitting), cooking, and living each day to its fullest. I am a total homebody and would much rather be home snuggling up with a good movie and my family than out on the town. 

I am a big advocate for providing your child with plenty of stimulating sensory and art experiences from a super young age. We have tons of baby play ideas here. I am not afraid to let my child get messy and explore the world around him. I am also a huge advocate for early literacy. Reading has always been a huge part of my life. I want it to also be a big part of my kids. I hope that this blog will someday grow to be an amazing resource for book based activities. 

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  1. Hi Blayne. I love your website. I have just started one and I'm a fledgling for sure. A grandma who is entering the world of blogs and social media and taking ten times as long as it would take your toddler munchkin Kingston! I started the website to promote my book, The Big Brass Band, and help others write and enter the world of publishing. I would love for you to take a look at the book and let me know what you think (or more importantly what K thinks) about it. I wrote it for my two grandchildren, one a little girl of three and the other a little boy of 5. They both love the book. It is on amazon.com and you will get a description, etc. I think you let you look at a few pages. I would also like to follow you on FB as you have so many great ideas for the wee ones. My little grandson has Down syndrome and my husband and I take care of both children at least a few hours every day. So tips at entertaining and teaching are so appreciated. Thanks for the site. It's awesome!

    1. Thank you so much for your awesome message Pam!! I just looked at the book on Amazon and it looks wonderful!! I wish you all the best in your blog endeavors and with your sweet grandchildren! Thank you so much for reading House of Burke. I hope that you are able to find lots of ideas over here!